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Buy A 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight

By Steven Symes Sep 23, 2019
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By Steven Symes Sep 23, 2019
This beautiful American classic is incredibly rare.

While it’s always amazing to see classic American cars, learning their backstories makes them that much more compelling. Take for example this 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight. You can’t learn just from staring at those classic body lines that this vehicle was kept in the same family for over 45 years, yet that is as much a part of this car as anything else. Even more incredible, Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is offering this Packard for sale. It’s a rare opportunity to own and regularly drive such a vehicle.

Packard made the 740 Super Eight in several versions. This one is a rumble seat coupe. That means a shorter roof combined with a long hood and a fairly long rumble seat area in the rear. Combined with the highly polished black, fender-mounted spares, green wire-spoke wheels, correct chrome treatments, and that iconic hood ornament, the overall presentation is absolutely breathtaking.

This car is powered by the Super Eight flathead 8-cylinder engine. It produces 105-horsepower, which was a considerable amount for the time. While you might be concerned about an engine which was produced almost 90 years in the past, it has a legendary reputation for reliability and simplicity in its design, so maintenance should be quite manageable. Some extra parts are included with the sale, which is a nice bonus. Sometimes finding components can prove to be a challenge, but you’ll be better prepared.

Also included is a fully-restored interior with correct components. Back in their time, Packards were considered highly luxurious with many amenities included. At the same time, they were relatively affordable vehicles. It’s easy to see how that combination made the brand popular. Today, there aren’t many surviving vehicles, although you can find some nice options in CCCA’s online inventory. If you’re interested in making an offer on this particular car, contact CCCA directly.

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