Buy A Restomod 1940 Hudson Commodore

Sep 23, 2019 2 min read
Buy A Restomod 1940 Hudson Commodore

This classic comes with an all-steel body, too.

With a distinct look, classic Hudsons certainly stand out from the sea of pre-WWII cars. This 1940 Hudson Commodore impresses with its original all-steel body and tri-color striping, but it packs modern power and comforts, making for the perfect classic road trip car.

Buy A Restomod 1940 Hudson Commodore

Big, reliable power comes from a multi-port fuel-injected Chevy 305ci V8 shoehorned into the engine compartment. It works with an automatic TH350 transmission, plus a 10-bolt rear to maximize all that power. Other modern systems have been added, including air conditioning which runs R134a refrigerant for ease of maintenance. Rack and pinion steering provides accuracy and good steering feel.

That steel body is beautiful, with long, straight panels which don’t show any major blemishes. With the lower split grille, dual headlights in the front fenders, plus that tall, pointed hood up front, this Hudson has a look which is charming and so incredibly unique. Doing those aesthetics justice is a high-quality silver, while the stripes were artfully airbrushed onto the body. An original split rear window and recessed rear license plate help make this ride memorable from any angle.

While the interior has been modernized in numerous ways, it retains a vintage feel, complete with two-tone leather seats. Other fine points like custom carpeting, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a fully-upholster trunk, and cruise control make this a great vehicle to take on the open road. All the controls and gauges are set in the factory-original dash, which is an amazing touch. A modern stereo head unit is located in a clever compartment mounted to the headliner, so listening to your music isn’t a hassle.

Back in 1940, Hudson only made a few hundred Commodores. That means this one is in a rather small pool of survivors. While some people have tried to recreate the magic with kits, none are like the original thing. The fact this car is rare and yet high usable, thanks to the modern powertrain and other features, would make it very enjoyable to use. If you’re interested in buying it, contact Streetside Classics.

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