Ford V Ferrari Excitement Building

By Steven Symes Sep 12, 2019
By Steven Symes Sep 12, 2019
You might want to take the whole family to see it over Thanksgiving weekend.

From the online chatter, it’s obvious people are getting increasingly excited about the upcoming release of Ford v Ferrari. A premiere at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival recently helped spike interest as reviewers are raving at the results. The big Hollywood film has an impressive cast, including none other than Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Add some top-notch cinematography and special effects showcased in the trailer, and it’s easy to understand why this film could be a runaway hit.

Ford V Ferrari Excitement Building
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Instead of having the actors do the driving stunts, filmmakers brought in people with stellar credentials. One is Ben Collins, who had his stint as The Stig on BBC’s Top Gear. This approach has been used before, notably in the 1990s movie Ronin, one which many car enthusiasts agree has some of the most engaging car chase scenes in cinematic history.

There isn’t CGI in the racing scenes, just good driving. Combining fast-paced action with solid acting seems to be a winning formula. As of the writing of this article, Ford v Ferrari is sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. In other words, as this film releases on November 15, just two weeks before Black Friday, it could be the perfect family activity.

Ford V Ferrari Excitement Building
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Making Ford v Ferrari has been a huge gamble for Fox. Now under Disney ownership, distribution and marketing for the movie should be excellent, which could make a huge difference. Still, if you want to see more movies about cars, racing, and the like, supporting this one can only help.

Ford V Ferrari Excitement Building
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While it’s ok to enjoy superhero movies or the many sequels and reboots hitting the big screen these days, Ford v Ferrari provides a change of pace. What’s more, it could get more people interested in classic cars, particularly Fords and Shelbys. There’s talk of the film being an Oscar contender for best picture, best director, and best actor, among other categories.

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