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Barn Find Hunter Bids Farewell to ’62 Ford Wagon

By Steven Symes Sep 10, 2019
By Steven Symes Sep 10, 2019
Tom also visits what he calls Automotive Woodstock.

If you’re not watching Tom Cotter work his magic on Barn Find Hunter, it’s time to start catching up. Episode 63 is just packed with goodness, including the final goodbye for the 1962 Ford Country Sedan, a beautiful wagon Tom found a while ago.


Road tripping from Texas to Kansas through the American heartland, Tom uncovers even more gems. The fact he cruises these little towns in an old classic car, and that he’s dress unassumingly while being incredibly friendly really helps disarm people who normally would probably tell a stranger who just pulled up to get off their property. Instead, they’re quickly showing off the different rides stashed away and gleefully telling stories about them.

The big highlight of this episode is when Tom visits what he terms “Automotive Woodstock” or The Sheds across the street from McPherson College. Students rent out stalls in the facility to store and work on their project cars, so as you can imagine it’s absolutely loaded with interesting sights.

Cars from the early twentieth century to modern times are on display in various states of repair, and there’s no doubt Tom could spend a few episodes going through them. One of the highlights is a Datsun a student is building in a crazy Japanese way with a huge wing and tailpipes which go above the roofline and then some.

That 1962 Ford Country Sedan was donated to McPherson College at a school hot do roast. It will be a parts-getter, since it’s not only a classic but has plenty of room in the back for hauling whatever the students need. That’s a fitting use for such a car, plus there’s no doubt it will be cared for quite well.  

Barn Find Hunter is always an interesting watch, far better than many other car shows on cable or Netflix.

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