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The 1969 Dodge Super Bee that hid for 33 years

By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 03, 2019
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 03, 2019
This muscle car was stored by its original owner from 1973 to '06, and is quite the bargain, despite a few issues

When you hear about a car that’s spent the bulk of its life in storage, you either assume that it’s a trashed barn find, or you cross your fingers that it’s actually a mint example of its time. With this particular 1969 Dodge Super Bee, it’s turned out to be neither. However, it did inspire intrigue as it was kept out of sight for so long.

The story behind this Super Bee is that it was purchased new in California, and the original owner put it into storage in 1973. Obviously, he stored it properly, unlike a lot of muscle cars that turn up in run-down sheds, because it looked great. Once it came out of hiding in 2006, the car was lightly touched up, and the seller stated that the paint was mostly original.

There’s no explanation why, but the original 440 Six-Pack Magnum engine was replaced with the radiator, carbs, intake, distributor, and air cleaner remaining original to the car. Whether or not this was a deterrent to a new buyer is debatable. The new owner would also need to replace a bad throwout bearing, which isn’t a massively expensive project, but would help the seller get more for the car if they replaced it ahead of the eBay listing.

All that being said, the rest of the car remained a true head turner that is one of only 267 with the four-speed configuration. It had a Buy It Now price on eBay of only $72,000, which is pretty incredible considering that these cars are fetching well into the $100,000s.

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