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Unique Porsche PS Spyder Spotted at Classic Remise Dusseldorf

By Tyler Heatley Mar 26, 2019
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By Tyler Heatley Mar 26, 2019
This 1 of 1 Porsche restomod was created by specialist Paul Stephens and features a unique Spyder body.

Porsche’s 911 is one of the worlds most successful sports cars, something that has been hard-earned over its 50-plus years of evolution. The German marque has offered its flagship model in just about every flavor imaginable, but there’s one body type that has rarely been seen on 911s — Spyder. Some years ago retromod specialist Paul Stephens set out to change that with the PS Spyder.

Paul knows a thing or two about creating bespoke classic 911s as he was the brains behind the delectable PS AutoArt cars. A few years ago he decided to create a 911 Spyder restomod using a 1989 911 Targa that was in direr need of restoration. He poured over 2000 house of work into the classic Porsche to create something that you’d happily believe the German marque created itself, as this video from Benelux Supercars highlights.


The car retains all that is great and good about 1980’s Porsche styling with those distinctive headlamps and sloping shoulders, but the modifications from standard are pretty extreme. Gone is the windscreen with a small deflector now present, and a pair of eye-catching humps in place of the original Targa hoop.

Its interior harks back to Porsche’s legendary 550 Spyder with red leather, bucket seats, and harnesses creating a classy but minimalist space. Great attention to detail is highlighted with badging and jewel-like switchgear.

The engine is a 3.2-liter flat-six that is now the benefactor of 250hp. Its performance-bump comes thanks to an ECU remap and a lightweight flywheel. While 250hp might not sound a lot, the car weighs just 950kg.

This Porsche sports car is totally bespoke with just one ever being built. It was recently seen for sale with an asking price of £235,000 or around $311,000.

It’s certainly a rare sight with this YouTuber getting up close and personal with the car at Classic Remise Dusseldorf.

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Source: Benelux Supercars

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