1971 Chevy C10 LS Might Be The Perfect Restomod Truck

Mar 31, 2022 1 min read
1971 Chevy C10 LS Might Be The Perfect Restomod Truck

This lowrider is a massively powerful muscle truck with a passion for performance.

We've seen our fair share of LS swapped small trucks in our time researching custom vehicles, but none have been as tastefully designed and well-built as this particular C10. A large portion of the car was handmade in the owner's garage, complemented by some custom-built performance parts like the Porterbuilt chassis. Under the hood, you'll find a fully modified LS platform V8 which makes a surprising amount of power, and the exterior has the driver looking back every time they walk away from the car. Overall, this is a great truck, but what are these incredible modifications we're sure you're waiting to hear about?

First, we have to talk about the massive 6.0-liter LQ LS-based V8 engine, which came in models like the Silverado. That's precisely what makes this powerful motor the perfect heart for the 1971 Chevy pickup truck to carry on its legacy. This engine is definitely not stock as it is putting out a whopping 375 horsepower and similar torque, which is more than enough for the little truck, which likely only weighs around 3000lbs. In addition, accelerating and maintaining speed seems to be no issue as it speeds down the streets of LA. One particularly prominent part of this truck is the exterior design which is sleek and low to the ground without losing the qualities that make it a car.

One of the most significant modifications has got to be the air ride suspension which keeps the car super low to the ground when parked while still allowing for enough ground clearance to not scrape the pavement while driving. The subsequent appearance-based modification is the blue-gray paint which provides a smooth contrast to the black interior and wheels. Finally, you have the shortened bed and raised bed floor, showing the complete center section and four-link rear suspension. This is an excellent pickup truck built in the garage of a dedicated enthusiast who knew what he wanted and made it happen.

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