Oh hey, a priceless car treated like junk!

People are always fascinated by “barn find” cars like this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS which was abandoned in a field. Sure, we can argue about whether it should be called a “field find” car and not a “barn find,” but most enthusiasts would agree that in reality it’s a crying shame. Who would do such a thing to a valuable, amazing classic muscle car? Just imagine mowing your lawn and finding a ’69 Camaro SS – what a world we live in!

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Posted to Instagram by rottingmusclecars, an account which is just as frightening to us as any classic Horror movie or an evening of watching The Bachelor, we get to see the photo of before the car was uncovered, when it was half uncovered, and when the awful truth was plainly visible.

photo credit: Instagram

The hood looks to have rotted away and the engine was obviously removed long ago and is who-knows-where. Grass is growing where the powerplant should be. Most of the body panels look like they’re getting close to becoming compost of some form. Still, with a lot of skill and determination we think this ’69 Camaro SS could be saved. Considering what it is, we’re sure a number of people would pay dearly for the opportunity.

photo credit: Instagram

We just have to laugh at the comment one Instagram user made: “Let me guess. (sic) Someone says one day they’re going to rebuilt her.” While that’s funny, the attitude of some guys just holding onto a once-beautiful classic car as it literally rejoins Mother Earth, refusing to sell it to someone who would absolutely cherish and fully restore the thing because they’re going to supposedly get around to fixing it up is something we’ve encountered way too often.

There’s a second vehicle at the edge of one shot where the Camaro SS is mostly uncovered. We’re not sure what it is other than it doesn’t look like a muscle car, but we can make out a taillight. The shape looks pretty boxy. It might be a camper or a van and not a car, but with the section showing it’s pretty difficult to tell for sure.

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