Why do people do this to cars?

We’ve all seen cool cars just left outside in a field or under some makeshift shelter which is still open to the elements. It’s a heartbreaking situation we honestly don’t completely understand. A lot of times if you talk to the owner they’re not too friendly about inquiries since they’re supposedly “just about” to start fixing the car(s) up, even if they haven’t touched a single bolt in decades. That’s kind of like this story we bring to you today about a 1968 Plymouth Valiant which sat for 40 years and was rescued.

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Some people wouldn’t see the value in a dusty, less-than-perfect old Mopar like this. After all, it’s not a fire-breathing 1970 Dodge Charger R/T or something else obvious. If you happen to just love Valiants that’s great, but your average person on the street probably either wouldn’t know what one is or would turn up their nose about owning one. In other words, this is in our opinion and underappreciated car.

That’s why it’s heartwarming to see one in such a sad state rescued by YouTube channel Restored. The Plymouth had just been sitting under an open barn for over four decades, which is plenty of time for critters to do damage, different parts to seize, corrosion to build up, and other problems to multiply.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and just pulling this Mopar onto a wrecker so it can be worked on in a shop, these guys go for the dramatic solution of getting it running with the intention of driving it home. This sort of car YouTube video has become popular in the past while, maybe in part because everyone knows it’s overall not a great idea. In other words, we don’t endorse doing this sort of thing, but it sure is entertaining to watch someone else take all those risks.

Check out the rescue operation for yourself.

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