1967 Dodge Coronet Wipes The Floor With Modern Mopar

Feb 1, 2022 2 min read
1967 Dodge Coronet Wipes The Floor With Modern Mopar

This car was able to devastate a modern Challenger Scat Pack with little more than a higher gear ratio and a whole lot of skill.

The Dodge Coronet is one of America's favorite classic cars because of its reputation for being one of Dodge's first muscle cars as the predecessor to the Challenger. This legendary status was earned over decades of kicking tail and taking names on the drag strip. While many Mopar fans originally went for the 440 ci V8, some extraordinary car enthusiasts had the chance to equip the famous 426 ci Hemi V8 engine. That powerhouse was underrated at just 426 horsepower, but it has been proven to push out nearly 500 horsepower on the dyno. Without a doubt, this powerhouse was a masterpiece of '60s technological innovation which eventually came to a sad end with the oil crisis and increasing rarity of materials. Of course, we all know what happened next when the Chrysler Hemi was revived and used in modern cars like the Charger and Challengers. This has left many enthusiasts wondering which of the two eras of the Hemi V8 is better. Today, we will find the answer.

Check out a Dodge Coronet that even makes the cops smile here.

That's right; these two Mopar legends are going toe-to-toe to decide the true winner of the Dodge horsepower wars. At first glance, it's easy to say that this mostly-stock 1967 Dodge Coronet looks like a quick meal for the Scat Pack Challenger. While the Challenger sports a 392 ci Hemi V8 engine under the hood, proven its ability to produce 485, the Coronet boasts the 426 Hemi mentioned above. But, of course, the engine is certainly not the only attribute this classic car has. Instead, an essential part of the car is likely the set of 4.30 gears which make the car wickedly fast on the drag strip. This contrasts with the Challenger, which appears to be entirely stock.

As the two vehicles line up, you can tell that the crowd is expecting the Scat Pack to wipe the floor with the Coronet. However, that was not what was about to go down because the Coronet would stun everyone. So the light dropped from red, yellow, and green, and both cars took off like a couple of bats out of hell. While they kept close for about a second, the Coronet flew past the Scat Pack with the kind of brutality only the most significant classic cars can provide. The Challenger completed the quarter-mile in a respectable 11.09 seconds when all was said and done. That would generally be a considerable number, but this Coronet blew the car off the map with an insane time of just 11.01 seconds!

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