1966 Corvette Saved In Colorado Snowstorm

Apr 6, 2022 2 min read
1966 Corvette Saved In Colorado Snowstorm

This beauty is headed to a loving home…

North of Boulder, Colorado is the town of Niwot. With a population of not even 4,000 it’s not the kind of place you’d just be poking around if you’re a barn find hunter. However, Dennis Collins is one of the best in the business, using techniques to uncover awesome cars in unlikely spots. This time around he rescues a 1966 Chevy Corvette Stingray during a Colorado snowstorm.

See the classic car California police are trying to reunite with its rightful owner here.

He showed up prepared, since Collins wasn’t sure just exactly how difficult it might be to reach the C2 Corvette. He brought along not only a truck and trailer but also a Jeep Gladiator, just in case such an unladen off-road pickup is necessary. We’ve seen him pull some barn find cars from some pretty precarious positions before, but he obviously doesn’t want to leave this one up to chance.

It’s a good thing Collins followed the Boy Scout motto, because the Corvette wasn’t parked in the garage like he thought it was. Instead, the little red sports car was kept in a shed in the backyard. There’s no way they could’ve gotten the truck and trailer back there. As Collins correctly notes, it never hurts to show up to the job with too many tools. Sometimes, the extra stuff is exactly what you need but didn’t know it.

The ’66 Corvette is a little worse for wear. As you can see, the paint is faded but at least those fiberglass panels look pretty good. The black interior is basic but mostly there, with the exception of the door panels. But it does have a four-speed transmission and the heirs of the car threw in an old ’66 Stingray coffee mug, so that’s a nice plus.

Likely this car was resprayed, as Dennis wisely notes. With the door panels missing, there’s a nice blue exposed, so it’s fair to guess that was the factory color. A lot of people fantasize about having a little red Corvette, but we think the blue looks nice.

Check out the rescue operation for yourself.

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