Watch A 1966 Buick Gasser Race A New Toyota Supra

Apr 9, 2024 1 min read
Watch A 1966 Buick Gasser Race A New Toyota Supra

Old-school hotrod versus modern technology – which will win?

If you could pick two completely different cars to drag race against each other, a 1966 Buick Gasser and a 2020 Toyota Supra would be an excellent matchup. One is representative of classic American hotrod with primitive technology compared to what’s in vehicles these days. The other is a highly advanced sports car most wouldn’t even dream of taking to the drag strip. Just which one would smoke the other in a quarter-mile dash is the big question, and you might be surprised how it plays out in the video.

On paper, this is a more balanced match than most would assume. The Buick is pushing 400-horsepower, while the Toyota edges it out at 409-hp. In the Gasser is a 4-speed M21 manual transmission versus the 8-speed automatic in the Supra. Both have something extra: the Buick Gasser is packing a 150 shot of nitrous and the Toyota Supra has been tuned. Believe it or not, the Toyota is heavier at 3,400 pounds versus 3,260 pounds.

Surprised? Are you not so sure which car is going to win this race?

If this race were just about the burnouts, the A90 Supra lays down a sick one to everyone’s surprise. However, the Buick is just too fast in the actual race and it wins twice in a row. Score another one for American hotrods!

Yes, this isn’t technically a very good drag race, so we don’t want to hear the whining about that. It’s not on an actual drag strip, there are no staging lights, and the rules are admittedly pretty loose. Hoonigan isn’t doing this in some formal fashion because this is a friendly little race, not racing for pink slips or cash.

Even though it was pretty informal, this was a fun drag race. Apparently Hoonigan is going to start making these weird matchups a regular thing, so we can’t wait to see what weird combination they come up with next.

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