1946 Chevy Street Rod Vanishes from Indianapolis Storage

Feb 23, 2024 1 min read
1946 Chevy Street Rod Vanishes from Indianapolis Storage

The family wants it back.

In a disheartening turn of events, a beloved classic car, a 1946 Chevy Street Rod, painted in sleek black and earmarked for restoration, has mysteriously disappeared. This unfortunate incident unfolded in a storage facility located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, leaving its owner, Jerry Kinslow, in utter disbelief.

"I was stunned. It felt unreal, like a heavy blow," Kinslow shared, recounting the shock of discovering his prized possession had been taken. The theft not only involved the vintage Chevy but also the trailer it was secured on, compounding the loss.

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The incident at the storage unit off Michigan Road is a harsh reminder of the vulnerabilities associated with storing valuable items. Kinslow advises regular checks on stored belongings and the facility's security measures.

This theft is part of a worrying trend at the storage facility, with police reports indicating a series of burglaries, including the theft of multiple TVs and other valuables the day before the Chevy's disappearance. Over the years, the facility has witnessed several thefts, underscoring a persistent security issue.

To mitigate such risks, police suggest several precautions for those using storage units, including refraining from storing irreplaceable items, opting for high-quality padlocks, documenting stored items with photographs, especially serial numbers or unique identifiers, choosing well-lit units near security cameras, and conducting regular visits to check on belongings.

Kinslow's experience serves as a stark warning: "Don't assume safety; thieves are out there, and what you think won't happen to you, can," he lamented, now missing both his trailer and the cherished 1946 Chevy Street Rod.

In hopes of recovering the stolen car and trailer, Kinslow is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to their return, appealing to the community for any leads that might reunite him with his treasured vehicle.

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