$10 Gas Is Almost Here

Jun 16, 2022 1 min read
$10 Gas Is Almost Here

I hate saying I told you so…

Back on May 27 I covered how some gas stations in Washington state adjusted their fuel pumps to allow for an extra digit in the prices, signaling the coming of $10 a gallon gas. Immediately, I was hit with a barrage of accusations, because apparently I was spreading conspiracy theories and false news, plus I’m supposedly an idiot and all sorts of vile insults I can’t publish. Anyway, that crazy “conspiracy theory” of $10 a gallon for gas is here, only it hit California first, just as I predicted on our podcast.

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A rural gas station in Mendocino, California is charging close to $10 a gallon, per several reports. With the way gas prices keep climbing daily, it will arrive at $10 very soon, maybe even by the time you read this. And if you think the rest of California as well as other states aren’t that far behind, you haven’t been watching the market all that closely in the last few months.

I really hate being right about these sorts of things because this news means a lot of innocent people are suffering, and it likely will get worse before it gets better. I’d much rather have been wrong. Never before have I seen something like this. Anyone saying this is like 2008 all over isn’t paying attention, because we blew past all those comparisons a while ago. Maybe there will be some similarities with the shortages in the 1970s, but I think this could eclipse even that.

At the moment Georgia leads the nation for the lowest average price for a gallon of gas at $4.49. State tax for fuel sales has been suspended in Georgia, contributing to what in this upside-down world constitutes cheap gas. But the average nationwide and in different states climbs almost daily, so we’re definitely on the wrong path.

Sources: Fox 11 Los Angeles, KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

Image credit: KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

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