Your Car Could Be The Star Of The London Motor Show

Apr 25, 2019 2 min read
Your Car Could Be The Star Of The London Motor Show

A new competition will display 10 cars voted for on social media at The London Motor Show

After spending many months and a few choice expletives during the restoration of your classic, you’d be forgiven for wanting to show it off. Not only is your pride and joy up and running, the summer weather means that it’s time for it to venture out on the open road. The ultimate recognition for your motor would be for it to take pride of place at a show, something that The London Motor Show can help you with.

A new competition will see 10 Lucky winners have their cars displayed at the 16-19 May event that will see thousands of people cooing over your car. These cars will make up part of a special display in Hall 3 of London’s ExCel exhibition center with owners also receiving tickets to the event itself.

London Motor Show 2019 Comp

Organisers are after machines of all creeds, be it a pristine modern-day supercar or much loved classic. All you have to do is post a picture of your car on Facebook with the hashtags ‘#londonmotorshow’. The top 10 cars with the most likes will be selected for display!

Andy Entwistle, London Motor and Tech Show CEO, said: “Most major Motor Shows are the preserve of big manufacturers and those with multi-million budgets, but the unique thing about the London Motor and Tech Show is that it’s about much more than just that. On top of all the latest and greatest metal, which of course will be there, we want to recognise the country’s most committed car enthusiasts, so we’ve kept a special display area aside for the 10 most interesting vehicles we’re offered. It’s yet another example of how we’re making the event the most accessible and friendly Motor Show in the world.”

There is the possibility that your car could achieve the coveted “Car of the show” award. Celebrity judges Mike Brewer, Tim Shaw, and Fuzz Townshend will be on the lookout for the four-wheeled star of the event.

If you think your cherished car is worth of more attention, why not enter?

Source: London Motor Show

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