Would You Take The Batmobile To The Grocery Store?

May 28, 2019 2 min read
Would You Take The Batmobile To The Grocery Store?

You need to grab something at the store, but you have a replica fo the 1989 Batmobile at your disposal. What would you do?

Bruce Wayne might be a fictional character, but imagine for a moment that he wasn’t. The face behind the mask of Batman mighty be a billionaire, he’d still have to deal with real-world situations like running out of milk. What would he do if his fleet of exotic cars was unavailable and he desperately needed to go to the store? Would he take the Batmobile? Though it sounds crazy, that’s exactly what happened to Casey Putsch.

In a VinWiki video, Casey talks about the time he took his homemade Batmobile to the grocery store. While it doesn’t sound like the most sensible decision, considering its attention-grabbing looks and sheer size, he’d spent so much time building the car that it was simply a mode of transport in his eyes.

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Coming to the realisation that this wasn’t one of his best ideas while in the store, Casey decides he need to make a subtle getaway before people start thinking Bruce Wayne is in town. Too late! A crowd had already flocked around the car for pictures, and so he had to load his shopping into the Batmobile as casually as possible, quipping ‘Alfred’s out of town at the moment’, and heading home.


Casey is no stranger to his Batmobile being the center of attention, with the car always being the star of local cars and coffee meets. He custom built the Michael Keaton-era vehicle using a C4 Corvette chassis, but effectively created everything else from scratch. It’s actually powered by a turboshaft engine from a military helicopter, making this replica about as close as you can get to the comic book character’s car — even more so than the Chevrolet engined movie props. It idles at 20,000rpm!

Another reality this talented Batmobile engineer had to face was when he moved house. The gothic machine is some 8 feet wide, making a condo garage a tight fit.

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Source: VinWiki

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