Nothing Is Better Than A Well-Loved 1971 Ford F100 Pickup

Oct 4, 2019 2 min read
Nothing Is Better Than A Well-Loved Ford Pickup

This classic pickup is just nice enough that you’d never drive anything else.

They say the definition of insanity is performing the same actions repeatedly, and hoping for a different outcome. This is why we have bought more Ford pickups than any other vehicle. For some reason, no matter how much we love our Ford, it inevitably gets sold to finance some other dumb project. Then, after months of missing the character and practicality of the truck, we cave and buy another one. And so now, we sit here staring at the sale page for a 1971 Ford F100 and the want is setting in again. We need to own another classic Ford, and this one looks perfect for the job.

Nothing Is Better Than A Well-Loved Ford Pickup

Under the hood sits the 390 cubic-inch V8, the biggest motor offered in the fifth-gen trucks, and it’s mated to the 3-speed automatic. The motor is not original, but the rebuilt transmission is. It’s the perfect combination of usable power and easy driving to make it a daily driver. The truck is also surprisingly rust-free for its year.

Best of all, the truck is visually perfect for a daily as well. The interior looks pristine, and the paint is a solid 15 foot job. But thanks to a healthy set of dents in the bed, and just enough scrapes and bumps across the body, you’ll never feel bad for bombing around in the rain, or getting a load of wood from the local lumber yard. We know from experience that an F100 of this generation will easily take 30 bales of hay across the bed if wanted to do that.

Nothing Is Better Than A Well-Loved Ford Pickup

The worst part for us in this situation is the price. Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, PA is only asking for $10,500 to own this pickup. This is a dire situation. The square grille, coupled with those round lights and dark red paint, is just screaming our name. We really need someone to call that dealership and take this truck home before we have to explain to our spouse why there is another Ford truck sitting in the drive way.

Of course, we could just stop selling off all of our other Ford trucks, but then how would we ever have an excuse to buy another one?

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