History Of The Volkswagen Logo

Sep 9, 2019 2 min read
New Volkswagen Logo

VW's new logo signifies a new future for the brand.

Volkswagen's future vehicles will rely heavily on electrification, and that goes a lot deeper than creating electric versions of classic cars. Coinciding with this more advanced future, Volkswagen has also redesigned its brand logo for the first time in 20 years. Since Volkswagen's beginning in 1937, the logo has always centered around the interconnected V and W, and that will continue in 2020 and beyond.

New Volkswagen Logo

As expected, Volkswagen didn't completely revolutionize the look of its logo, but it does have a cleaner and more distinct appearance than ever before. The V is still stacked on top of the W and both are inside of a ring, but for the first time ever, the W in the logo doesn't connect with the outer ring. Aside from the lettering design, the new logo is black and white instead of blue and silver. While these are minor details, the overall effect of the new badge looks pretty good. Check it out for yourself on the recently introduced ID.3 hatchback – VW's all-new, all-electric ID.3 hatchback, which was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will not be offered in North America.

The original logo (not shown) featured a heavy Nazi influence, but by 1939 the outer parts of that logo had been removed resulting in a cog-like logo that continued until 1945. In 1960, the VW logo was encased in a square, which only last until 1967. From then until 2000, only slight changes were made to the logos appearance including font and color. A three-dimensional logo that was introduced in 2000, and when it is replaced in 2020, it will be the longest-running logo that VW has ever had.

History Of The Volkswagen Logo

This new Volkswagen logo will be used on cars, advertisements and dealerships, and it will roll out in North American markets starting in 2020.


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