1970 Triumph TR6 Is The British Roadster Done Right

Oct 22, 2019 2 min read
1970 Triumph TR6 Is The British Roadster Done Right

This car is so British it should come with a box of tea to throw in the harbor.

The British have done a fair bit of questionable things in their long history, but one of their high-points was the perfection of the classic roadster. Off all the legendary, topless two-seaters ever produced, Britain holds the majority. That’s why almost anyone looking for a stylish roadster in the early 70s was probably eyeballing something like a 1970 Triumph TR6.

That square profile with the rounded edges just oozed style. It’s such a handsome machine. That long hood and sloped rear deck are accentuated by the chrome accents at both ends. And there is the way that these things drive. Tucked under the hood is a 2.5-liter straight six that dumps 150 horsepower to the rear wheels exclusively through a manual transmission. No fancy automatic available, just raw driver engagement. Thanks to the rearward seating position that basically sets you on the rear axle, the TR6 feels nimble in a way that few cars these days can replicate.

The real problem with the TR6 is the same problem that plagues all British roadsters; they are astonishingly unreliable if not maintained. That is what makes this particular Triumph from Smash Customs so enticing. With just 89k miles showing on the odometer, it hasn’t been as abused as a car of this age could be. Add to that this car has a full ownership and service history, and suddenly all the major concerns of owning a machine of this vintage start to fade away. According to Smash Customs, the previous owner was also a military man, so it was likely well cared-for on base when it wasn’t being driven.

1970 Triump TR6 Is The British Roadster Done Right

The cost of these things has really been on the rise over the last few decades. For a driver or a collector, finding a low-mileage and well-maintained TR6 is only going to get harder and more expensive as time goes on. No price is listed, but if you are curious about taking this little red roadster home, you can give Smash Customs a call or check out the site. Their team also specializes in restorations and enhancements, so if you want that TR6 to be even nicer or a little bit faster, they can set you up.

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