Can’t Afford A Supra? Get A Soarer With That Unbeatable 1JZ Instead

Jun 6, 2019 2 min read
Can’t Afford A Supra? Get A Soarer With That Unbeatable 1JZ Instead

Don’t fancy shelling out insane money on a Supra? How about this Soarer for a smidgen of the cost.

Whilst the Supra has shot into true collector territory leaving us mere mortals crying into a collective pool of JDM fans tears, there is one car that shares not only the chassis, but also the running gear of the Mark 4 Supra.

The Toyota Soarer never enjoyed the same glitz and glam lifestyle of its Supra sibling, and for reasons that many can’t really fathom. Sure, the Supra looks drop dead gorgeous and has one of those rather magnificent nineties spoilers sat on its rear deck, but the Soarer was a GT car in its day, and pretended to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle. This one, offered by JSpec Auto, is as good as they get too.

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Fitted with toys that even left Jeremy Clarkson speechless, including a touch screen satellite navigation as an option and on some models air suspension that mimics that of the McLaren MP4-12C some two decades later. This model however, isn’t the technological marvel UZZ31, it’s perhaps the more exciting 1JZ-GTE.

That’s right, this has the 2.5-liter inline six that is widely known as both one of the most over-engineered engines ever produced, but also one of the most bulletproof. Honed from a time where Japanese car makers claimed power output of 276 horsepower, even if that figure was completely arbitrary in a good way.

The car featured here is a Toyota badged model, having been imported as a true JDM model. It’s 1JZ, unlike most today, is totally stock without so much as an air cone in sight. To make matters even more tempting, it has just 124,000 kilometers (77,000 miles) on the odometer and looks immaculate.

Today most people have taken to stripping these GT cars to turn into rather formidable drift kings, and with good reason. With forged internals and mild tuning resulting in over double that 276 horsepower claim, even the most molested cars out there are still largely reliable when some mechanical sympathy is offered.

So whilst a Supra with this level of originality and mileage will fetch potentially five or six times as much, this Soarer is offered for an almost unbelievable $10,495. If that is not daylight robbery, we don’t know what is.

With some paintwork to bring it up to the standard you see here, along with four new tires and a full tuneup for the next owner to either enjoy as a pretty cool daily, or a prized garage queen. The choice is yours!

For more information on this Soarer, visit JSpec Auto.

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