Totally Ruined Barn Find Peugeot 504 Pick Up Is Down But Not Out

Apr 4, 2019 2 min read
Totally Ruined Barn Find Peugeot 504 Pick Up Is Down But Not Out

It may appear beyond saving, but a Peugeot 504 never dies. Here's a project that's rarely found outside of Africa

The Peugeot 504 set new standards for Euro-chic comfort. Radiating a stylish and well-groomed presence, collectors have finally awoken to the 504’s charisma. Offered in various body styles, healthy saloon or convertible variants now exchange hands for serious money. However, there is one member of the 504 stable that remains criminally overlooked – the indefatigable Pick-up.

Often referred to as ‘Africa’s Workhorse’, the 504 Pick-up proved wholeheartedly dependable where more-celebrated automotive mules failed. Introduced for the 1980 model year, the load-lugging Peugeot found prolonged production life in Nigeria until 2006. Hollywood may have presented a romantic image where old-school 4x4s ruled the roost, but it was the humble Frenchie that provided an automotive lifeline for rural communities.

Peugeot 504 GL Barn Find

Yet, while the drivetrain offered steadfast reliability and a lifespan similar to most hardwood trees, there was a killer lurking beneath akin to any car of the time; rust. If uncared for, the bodypanels played host to the tin worm with devastating effect.

In warmer environments, this wasn’t much of a worry. However, in damper climates – i.e Britain – exposure to the elements caused all manner of oxidization problems. Evils that have attacked this barn find 504 Pick-up with gusto. In reality, the Peugeot appears weather-worn beyond economical repair.

Employed for hard graft on an English farm, the vehicle was turfed out into the wilderness and has been residing in a field ever since. As such, the 1980s stalwart is ‘rotten as a pear’, with ‘dents all over’ and ‘a big hole in the floor big enough to put your foot through’.

The cabin oozes all the chaos of a fresh crime scene. The seats are torn, there’s cushion padding seeping from various reams of burst stitching, and the carpets have all but been destroyed. The gear stick is mostly missing, and there’s decades worth of wear and tear to the fittings. This thing is well beyond patina status, even with only 89,000 miles on the clock.

In keeping with the vehicle’s reputation, amazingly, the diesel engine and venerable gearbox run without protest. Boasting a seldom-seen five-speed gearbox, the only issue seems to be a perished clutch slave cylinder, resulting in a few pumps of the pedal to engage gearing. A replacement slave cylinder comes with the sale, as does a pair of front struts, a spare rear spring and new wheel cylinder. All rusted, of course.

So, feeling brave and in need of a new project? This hard-as-nails Pick-up could just be your ticket for adventure. The Peugeot may appear like scrap, but that drivetrain will keep plodding on regardless of how you treat it. These machines are tougher than Jeeps. No joke.

Located in Peterborough, England, the 504 comes with an older V5 logbook but no battery. The seller is willing to lend the buyer a powerpack in order to load the Peugeot onto a trailer. From there, the real work will begin. Good luck!

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