Tony Stewart's Garage Looks Like A Car Racing Museum

Jan 28, 2020 1 min read

"Smoke" gives a visual lesson on his love for racecars.

There are always bound to be fun conversations anytime two racecar drivers get together, but it's a little more interesting when two of modern-day racing legends chat it up on camera. That's exactly what happened when Jeff Gordon headed to Tony Stewart's garage to check out his vast collection of cars for a series called Around The Track.

Not surprisingly, most of Stewart's collection are retired racecars, and these include everything from his dirt track cars to cars that he won championships in IROC, IndyCar and NASCAR. Of all the cars in his collection, the one that Stewart says isn't cool is his Cup car from the 2001 Daytona 500. Just 25 laps before Dale Earnhardt's deadly crash, Stewart was involved in a massive crash on Daytona's back stretch that had his car hit the wall, spin around backward and then fly up in the air before landing on his teammate Bobby Labonte. You can see that crash HERE.

In addition to his racecars, Stewart has plenty of motorcycles, which he isn't allowed to ride for insurance purposes, and production cars. Tony Stewart was one of four Chevrolet drivers to get a  Signature Series version of the Monte Carlo, and he has the 20th example built to match the no. 20 he raced with at the time. After he switched to the no. 14, he acquired the 14th fifth-gen Camaro and the C7 Corvette that were ever built. Despite all of the Chevys and Pontiacs around his shop, Smoke is a Ford man today (as shown by his shirt), and he said while he'll probably never get a Ford GT, he currently does drive a Ford Raptor.

In addition to this interview with former rival Tony Stewart, the Around The Track series has also featured Gordon talking to racing legends such as Jordan Taylor, Lewis Hamilton, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Rick Hendrick and more.

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