Time Capsule Yugo GV Is Stright From 1988

Jun 6, 2019 2 min read
Time Capsule Yugo GV Is Stright From 1988

Stored for over 31 years, this little Yugo has only covered 438 miles

In a world where it seems like a new million-dollar hyper car is released each week, it’s easy to forget about more humble offerings at the other end of the spectrum. The Yugo was introduced to America in 1985 as the nation’s cheapest car, and while mocked for its simplicity, it got over 140,000 people mobile for very little cash. Fox News reported on this ‘like-new’ Yugo for sale.

Found on Craigslist, this Yugo GV has been stored in a garage for over 31 years, and only driven 438 miles. It is totally pristine thanks to being preserved since its purchase in 1988. Located in Maryland, USA, this Yugo was bought by the seller’s father as something of a curiosity, with the car being parked as a life-size garage ornament.

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It’s a real time capsule car with the beige interior unfaded, its red paint unblemished, and the engine bay as clean as a whistle. It might not have been the shining car of the people its importer Malcolm Bricklin hoped it would be, but it serves as a quirky classic today. Bricklin was also responsible for importing the Fiat X1/9 sports car.

Built in Siberia by Zastava, the Yugo entered full production in 1980, and was actually a variant of the Italian Fiat 127. The car was imported and marketed in America as a Yugo instead of a Zastava for political reasons. At the time it was the cheapest new car you could buy in America, costing just $3995 in 1985. There were several variants of the US Yugo GV including a sportier 1.3-liter GVX model.

The Yugo was discontinued in America in 1992 after steadily falling sales. However, improved variants of the car continued to be sold around the world until 2008. In total 794,428 of these affordable little cars were built globally.

The Yugo in question had an asking price of $9000 and also came with a ‘spare’ donor car offering plenty of replacement parts. The pair have since found a new home.

Source: Fox News

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