This Porsche 935 Homage Is The Perfect Road Racer

Feb 5, 2019 2 min read
Porsche 997 935 homage Historics Auctioneers

There’s something about the stance of a racing car that makes it look so purposeful, but sadly these speed demons were never destined for the road. Sure, exotic supercars get close to the aggression of a motorsport machine, but they still can’t quite square up to the low-slung combatants of the race track. This homage to the Porsche 935 might just be the perfect road-legal solution for the ultimate motorsport fan.

Based on a 2005 997 Porsche 911, this custom-built car echoes the design of the legendary Porsche 935. The product of family run Reflex Auto Design, the purpose of this hand-built sports car was to showcase what the business was capable of. The Rothmans liveried 911 has been modified to feature the iconic ‘slant nose’ of the racing car, as well as its blistered wheel arches. Squatting low to the ground thanks to air suspension, the homage really does look every inch the racer.

CFS: Porsche 997 935 homage

The project involved far more than simply bolting on a huge rear wing and applying some stickers. Reflex Auto Design carefully planned the enhancements to this car and even got EA’S Ghost Games studio to create 3D renderings to visualise the end goal. Nothing was done halfheartedly with the graphics being physically painted onto the body, the engine re-mapped for more power, larger six-piston brakes fitted, and an EMP exhaust to make the car sound as aggressive as it looks.

The 997’s interior is a fantastic blend of road and race with the rear seats being deleted in favour of a crossbraced rear cage, but the car retains luxuries such as navigation and a premium stereo. Occupants are cradled by a pair of red Recaro race seats complete with harnesses for the full race experience. The only disappointment we came across was that this car is fitted with an automatic transmission and paddle shifters. While commonplace in modern racing cars today, an auto isn’t as old-school as that retro Rothmans livery that surely demands a manual gearbox to complete the package?

Porsche 997 935 homage Historics Auctioneers

After famed Porsche designer Norbert Singer discovered a loophole in the sports car rulebook during the 1970s, engineers got to work removing the 911s iconic headlamps in favour of a slanted nose. This more aerodynamic shape granted the 935/76 a distinct advantage with he cars becoming known as ‘slant nose’ models. Porsche later offered the treatment on road-going 930 911s.

Estimated to have cost well over $120,000 to develop, the retro Porsche has featured in publications such as 911 & Porsche World magazines. According to the Historics Auctioneers listing, this 997’s odometer reads just 50-miles contributing to the car’s estimate of $110,000 - $123,000.

This road-legal Rothmans throwback is available to view and will go under the hammer at the Ascot Racecourse auction on March 2, 2019.

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