Amazing Rust-Free 1966 Ford Mustang Seeks New Home

Feb 5, 2019 2 min read
1966 Ford Mustang

Looking for a solid 1966 Ford Mustang that's ready to hit the road? This fine example is seeking a new owner...

There are two ways to buy a classic 1966 Ford Mustang. You can pay considerable amounts of money for a project, or you can take the sensible route and secure an already healthy example that’s driver ready.

That’s what we have here. Boasting only two owners from new, this 1966 Mustang 289 has never left California – it was built in San Jose and first purchased in La Crescenta. Having adhered to the state line, the favorable climate has ensured that corrosion remains non-existent. This pony is totally rust free, and the plus points don’t stop there.

Inside the cabin is all original, with seats and carpets free from rips, tears, and blemishes. All trim appears to be present and correct, with no trace of fade or discoloring across the dashboard.

1966 Ford Mustang 289 ci V8

Originally painted gold when first rolling out Ford’s factory gates some 53 years ago, the Mustang was later resprayed in red during the 1990s. This paintwork still looks factory fresh, with only some minor scuffs and imperfections between the lettering upon the hood and down the passenger-side rear flank.

The engine has been rebuilt recently, having covered 5900 miles since completion. Attention was also given to the cooling system with a new radiator and hose overhaul. New tires have since been fitted, alongside a new battery, and new brakes. These components are less than six months old.

Boiling all information down, this Mustang drives perfectly. While the drivetrain doesn’t feature the ludicrous levels of grunt churned out by Ford’s later V8 engines, for smooth power delivery without the truly-crippling fuel consumption, the 289ci (4.7-liter) powerplant hits the sweet spot - you’ll crack 20mpg if you treat the machine with respect.

The price? Well, that’s $21k, or $329 a month. While this may sound like a fair chunk of cash, bear in mind that project vehicles sell for more than half of this amount yet require substantial TLC to put right.

Although you’ll find a 1966 project for less, after totalling the over-all restoration work required, the price will easily skyrocket beyond the $21k mark. Especially if you want the level of originality and condition presented with this fine example.

So, it’s ready to hit Sunset Boulevard, and offers little in the way of problems. In face, we would reckon that this is one of the best Mustangs currently offered on the open market. Take a closer look with the Motorious Listing.

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