This 1961 Chrysler Newport Custom Will Really Make You Stand Out

May 1, 2019 1 min read
This 1961 Chrysler Newport Custom Will Really Make You Stand Out

Just look at those tail fins.

There are some fairly rare cars out there, and then there is this 1961 Chrysler Newport Custom. Oozing with style, this coupe is truly something special to see and especially to own. What’s more, Lost & Found Classic Car Company is offering this ride for a great deal, providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own such a vehicle.

Clean and classic lines run from nose to tail on this car, especially those large but quite tasteful fins. The unique headlight configuration, grille, and roofline really set this ride apart from other classics, so you won’t blend in with everyone else at shows and cruises.

A hardtop bubble top really adds to the significance of this coupe. The custom Pearl paint, 18-inch and 20-inch high end intro Billit wheels, plus all the brightwork is in good condition, so this ride is ready to show off.

Under that long and admittedly plain-looking hood lurks a nice built 413ci V8 with a big cam. An automatic transmission shifts smooth, so you can relax and just drive. This isn’t a drag race champion by any means, but this Chrysler Newport Custom sure cruises nice.

A cool custom dual exhaust puts off a throaty sound, adding to the aggressive nature of this bubble top coupe. There are also disc brakes to help slow everything to a halt quickly and efficiently, plus power steering so you don’t need to struggle with the wheel. Everything works great, so this car can hit the road immediately.

Chrysler launched the Newport as a budget-friendly way to introduce the brand to more car shoppers. After 1961 the tail fins were gone, making this particular car the last of its kind. In fact, the 1961 model year is quite rare, meaning this example is quite collectible and is fun to have around in any garage.

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