This 1947 Lincoln Continental Custom Boattail Blends Old And New

Mar 14, 2019 1 min read
This 1947 Lincoln Continental Custom Boattail Blends Old And New

This extreme restomod started life as a 1947 Lincoln Continental in need of restoration. Now it is a fully fledged show-stopper

We all love classic cars and their seductive ways. However, they aren't quite as charming when overheating at the side of the highway. If only there was a way to combine modern-day reliability with the distinctive looks of a classic...

Well, this 1947 Lincoln Continental Custom Boattail does just that. As a concoction of Artdeco panache and contemporary practicality, nothing comes close.

This car was built by Classic Auto Restoration Specialists (CARS) after a client brought his 1947 Lincoln Continental in for some TLC. The American classic was in need of some serious work after various failed customisation attempts. Frankly, it was a mess.

The car’s retro-future shape comes from forming the original body panels around the larger Town Car chassis. It’s certainly eye-catching and appears wonderfully sci-fi when the car's air suspension is lowered to the ground. A bespoke boattail rear section was then bonded to the original quarter panels to create the car you see before you.

Opening one of the suicide doors reveals a vibrant orange leather interior with comfortable seating for four. The cabin features all of the modern toys you could ask for, including a custom audio system, touchscreen infotainment display with navigation, and voice activation.

Opening the motorised hood with the push of a button the reveals a 4.6-liter V8 engine, a unit more than capable of keeping up with modern sports cars.

This intriguing machine would make for a great show car that is sure to attract camera flashes and crowds wherever it goes. It will be up for auction with Premier Auction Group at The Gulf Coast Classic event from 15 - 16 March 2019.

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