The Demon Is As Angry As The Name Suggests

May 1, 2019 2 min read
The Demon Is As Angry As The Name Suggests

This 2018 Demon features carbon forged wheels and includes the all-important Demon crate so you can head to the strip

Never has there ever been a production drag car. Sure, cars have been purpose-built for the track with some pragmatic flexing of the regulations bound to global car manufacturers, but something for the quarter mile? Not until Dodge slightly lost the plot.

The Challenger has seen some fairly mad additions over the years, with the Hellcat breaking the 700 horsepower barrier – leaving most people aghast in 2015. Yet, Dodge decided this wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough, as this car offered by Classic Car Liquidators demonstrates with perfection.

Fast forward to 2017 and they broke the internet again, with the SRT Demon. Never has a car been named more appropriately than this lump of pure, unadulterated evil. This has the most powerful production V8 ever produced. It churns out 840 horsepower in a production car. Madness!

Not only does the Dodge boast of power figures that make you laugh with a mix of euphoria and fear, but it also has some fairly ludicrous technology that, again, has never been seen in a production car. Until now.

2018 Dodge SRT Demon

The car has air conditioning, nothing particularly special until you realise that it’s for the air induction system as well as the cabin. The car has air conditioning to force only the coldest air into the intake, for more power. That’s pure insanity.

The car has line lock, again not something completely mind-blowing, until you look further down the spec sheet and realise it has a transmission lock to allow the perfect launch on the drag strip. Absolute, unequivocal lunacy for a mass-produced machine. It even has the biggest hood scoop ever fitted to a production car - there’s a theme here...

This particular example has the optional $1 Demon crate along with the $1 passenger seat. Yes, they offered the passenger seat as an option – for only one Dollar. We need to meet these designers and buy them a bottle of absinthe, as beer is clearly not potent enough.

With just under 9000 miles on the odometer and being a 2018 model,Classic Car Liquidators's example keeps a huge portion of its six-year, 100,000 mile warranty intact. Whilst a rather flashy set of carbon forged wheels have been fitted, the vendor suggests the originals are included in the sale to match those offered in the Demon crate.

For more information visit Classic Car Liquidators.

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