2014 Camaro ZL-1 Is The Most Curvacious Fifth-Gen

Nov 21, 2019 2 min read
2014 Camaro ZL-1 Is The Most Curvacious Fifth-Gen

Should GM have made all their fifth-gens this curvaceous?

As an F-body enthusiast and 4th-generation owner, I remember the feeling of heartbreak when the news of discontinuation of the Fisher bodies broke. Likewise, I still smile a little when I reflect on the day I heard they were bringing half of them back. I personally would have liked to see a 5th-generation Firebird but you can’t always get what you want. The unveiling of the prototype photos brought the exciting idea of possibly adding a new Camaro to my garage, but in seeing a 2010 Camaro in person, I was left wanting more.

Stunningly 2014 Camaro ZL-1 Wide Body Catches Our Eye

While I appreciated that Chevy was in a way starting over and trying to replicate the success of 1967 with a twist of modern on retro style, it didn’t work for me at all as I have become akin to curvaceous cars. I fully understand that this is not a popular opinion, but it is my own. That being said, the appeal to me did increase as the generation progressed, and by 2014 the new Camaro was starting to resemble what I thought I saw in the prototype photos years earlier.

Custom Classics Auto Body and Restoration currently has a 2014 Wide Body Camaro for sale that looks more like an exotic supercar than a Camaro, and it satisfies my hunger for swooping body lines and a more ‘in your face’ look than a stock car. Complete with carbon fiber splitters, brake cooling ducts, hood intake, and built in spoiler the hand made body panels are really something unique.

The looks are not all that is different about the car either, with dramatic performance upgrades, courtesy of DBR High Performance located near Nashville, Tennessee. The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Wide Body is for sale on Custom Classics for $120,000. Furthermore, the ad insinuates that a kit may be available for purchase if you already have a Camaro that you want to modify. Either way, you can see a complete collection of the transformation photos for this widebody here.

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