Someone Needs To Grab This Famous 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR

May 29, 2019 2 min read
Someone Needs To Grab This Famous 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR

It’s your chance to own a powerful celebrity.

There are a number of cool classic muscle cars up for sale at any given time, but few can match this 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR. This ride has been featured in all kinds of enthusiast magazines, plus it has gone through a complete restoration that stays true to the original configuration of the car. This unique opportunity to add something of this caliber to your garage comes via GAA Classic Cars.

Someone Needs To Grab This Famous 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR

A full restoration means you can enjoy this automotive legend in its full and correct glory. Scrutinizing critics will be satisfied with the factory-correct Tor Red “Hi-Impact” paint job, keeping the look of this classic pure.  A side-outlet exhaust system lets even casual observers know this isn’t just your average classic car, but something which was built from the beginning to be a serious performance machine. There’s also a factory-correct “High Trim Grade” black interior, so you get the full experience of what the 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR was like when it first rolled off the assembly line.

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This car also has some amazing guts. The numbers-matching engine block, a 340ci V8 with two-barrel carburetors, makes this ride quite the beast. It’s mated to a correct 4-speed transmission with a Pistol Grip shifter.

This is number 5 of only 5 1970 Plymouth Cuda AARs built in Tor Red with the black interior and 4-speed transmission, plus Rallye Instruments & Light Package, meaning this configuration of the car is quite rare. You get some great extras with this car, like the registrations from previous owners, broadcast sheet, original owner’s manual, other original Chrysler literature relating to the car, original photos of the car, plus parts receipts that go all the way back to 1979. Don’t let the opportunity to own such a relic of American muscle car history slip through your fingers.

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