Rugged Ural Gear Up Is Ready For Adventure

May 20, 2019 2 min read
Ural Gear Up

This hardy Russian bike is built to tackle the worst Mother Nature can throw at it

Today, lots of manufacturers produce ‘adventure’ bikes for customers who wish to leave the Tarmac and venture onto more rugged terrain. However, for Russian marque Ural, this is far from a new direction. It can trace its hardy motorcycle roots back to the early 1940s. This bright yellow example being sold by EagleRider Pittsburgh is the latest evolution of its go-anywhere bike and sidecar.

Built to withstand some of the harshest environments in Russia, this brand-new bike is ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. The distinctive specification that incorporates a wasp-like color scheme is sure to grab attention, but this motorcycle is about more than looking good.

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Powered by a 749cc flat-twin engine, the 2019 model received upgrades such as new cylinders and heads, enhanced pistons, updated fuel injection system, and a superior oil circulation system. Its stout build is designed to take the punishment of rough terrain, with the sidecar allowing for an additional passenger or cargo.

Being a new bike, EagleRider Pittsburgh can add to the specification with additional accessories that enhance the bike’s looks and capabilities. A sidecar spotlight, heated hand grips, a windshield, leg guards, and an engine skid plate can be fitted. It’s worth noting that these accessories are 10% off with the purchase of the Ural.

Ural Gear Up

The motorbikes origins stem from Soviet Russia and the reverse engineering of the BMW R71. Five BMW bikes were purchased from Germany in the 1940s and used to create casts for reproduction.

The Ural name comes from Russia’s necessity to move the bike’s factory further from enemy lines in World War II, to the mountain region of Ural. A military-only vehicle until the 1950’s, the design has continued to evolve ever since.

This all-terrain bike could be yours for $19,495 and be with you in time for some summer off-road exploration.

Source: EagleRider Pittsburgh

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