Ride High In A 1979 Dodge D-150 Li’l Red Express Truck

Jun 25, 2019 2 min read
Ride High In A 1979 Dodge D-150 Li’l Red Express Truck

Dodge marketed this truck as a toy for adults, and it wasn’t wrong to do so.

Many people not familiar with the 1979 Dodge D-150 Li’l Red Express Truck will mistakenly think it’s something a person has customized in their garage. The classic pickup certainly has that look, which was the point when it came out. That unique nature makes this ride all the more interesting to own today.

Ride High In A 1979 Dodge D-150 Li’l Red Express Truck

This particular truck has gone through an extensive restoration process. All the wood you see in the bed, on the tailgate, and elsewhere is completely new. That means no worrying about dry rot or other problems, but instead enjoying unique craftsmanship. In addition, the red paint job is shined to a mirror finish, while the chrome bumpers also look amazing. The original gold lettering on the doors adds to the character of this truck, which also rides on the factory polished wheels. In other words, what you see is what the pickup looked like when it rolled out of the factory.

Preservation of the interior is similarly impressive. This particular Dodge comes with the black color scheme instead of red, which was also offered. It has two bucket seats and a middle seat which folds down. All the gauges, controls, and steering wheel are original. Even though in stock form, the cab is actually quite luxurious for its time, showing that Dodge wanted to mix performance with comfort.

Perhaps most compelling is the hi-po small-block 360ci V8. It kicks out 225 horsepower, which by today’s standards doesn’t sound like much but was a brutal amount for the late 1970s. Mated to that is a modified 727 Load Flite Auto transmission. Completing the setup is a 3.55:1 rear.

Dodge created the Li’l Red Express Truck to be appealing to younger shoppers. With a production run of 1978 to 1979, 5,118 of these rolled off the assembly line. Many haven’t survived into this century, adding to the collectible nature of this Dodge. This classic truck is being offered through Salt City Classic & Muscle.

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