Restored 1972 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande Is One Of A Kind

Aug 27, 2019 2 min read
1972 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande

If you're looking for a modded truck, look elsewhere.

There's one major reason so many trucks from the '60s and '70s are being customized these days, and that's because these trucks were worked so hard back in their day that it's usually easier to modify the truck than it is to restore them. Standing in stark contrast to this classic truck generalization is this fully restored short-bed 1972 GMC C1500 decked out with the Sierra Grande trim level. You just don't find trucks in this good of condition, but if you're looking for one, head over to Imperial Motorcars where this truck is listed for $23,600.

1972 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande

The Sierra Grande trim level was brand new for 1972 and was the fully loaded version of this truck – it was essentially the predecessor to the GMC Sierra Denali. Only instead of the Denali's leather and chrome, the Sierra Grande added a fancier interior with houndstooth seats and a two-tone paint job with wood trim. As clean as the exterior is, the interior looks like a time warp back to a 1970s GMC showroom.

Whoever did the restoration on this truck did an amazing job. Not only is the body straight and the cabin amazingly flawless, it must have been a major undertaking to restore the truck's exterior trim and interior wood panels. It would appear that the only modification made to the truck is an aftermarket stereo, while the only flaws in the body are a slightly dusty and dinged up cargo bed. It is a pickup truck after all.

1972 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande

While the Sierra Grande trim was new, the 1972 model year represented the final year for this classic body style before GM switched to the boxier design for the 1973 model year. Today, this body style is popular among custom truck builders, so most of the short-bed trucks like this one have been modified and customized.

If you want to own one of the cleanest second-gen GMC C/K trucks you're likely to find, click HERE to make an offer on this awesome truck.


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