Cruise In Style With This Restored 1936 Cadillac 7523

Oct 11, 2019 1 min read
Cruise In Style With This Restored 1936 Cadillac 7523

This vintage Caddy  was given a body-off restoration.

Produced continuously for 50 years from the 1930s to the 1980s, Cadillac's Series 75 was a large luxury sedan perfect for the family. Back in the day, the Series 75 was a stylish sedan that should have sold like hotcakes off dealership lots, but the expensive price tag at $2,445 proved to be too high during the Great Depression. Only 5,248 were sold back in 1936. Nowadays, a classic like this 1936 Cadillac 7523 is a highly coveted gem. The Classic Car Club of America is offering the perfect opportunity to take home this elegant example.

Covered in a gleaming maroon, this vintage beauty was given a body-off restoration. Straight off the assembly line, the car wears a v-shaped windshield crafted by Fleetwood. The headlights, which also contain the parking lights, are solidly attached to the radiator shell, which is framed by the "Convex vee" grille.

Cruise In Style With This Restored 1936 Caddy 7523

From the factory, the 70 and 75 Series were equipped with a large 5.7-liter 346cui Monobloc V8 engine that was less expensive than previous designs, yet more powerful at 135-horsepower. Open the doors to reveal a broadcloth tan interior which can accommodate up to seven passengers.

This car has virtually all of its history documented since new. It runs and drives great and would make the perfect touring car for any enthusiast. Even better, it can fit the whole family. The car is listed at $55,000, so feel free to contact the Classic Car Club of America to get behind the wheel of this vintage beauty.


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