Acquire This 1925 Duesenberg Straight Eight Model A

Oct 10, 2019 2 min read
Acquire This 1925 Duesenberg Straight Eight Model A

Such a rare automotive icon doesn’t become available for purchase very often.

Thanks to the resources of Classic Car Club of America, you not only have the opportunity to behold this correctly-restored 1925 Duesenberg Straight Eight Model A, there’s also the chance to purchase it. This car looks impressive and will surely turn quite a few heads, especially at motoring events but even as you pass by those who know nothing about cars. It’s also of high historical importance and is one of about 35 known to still be in existence, adding to the overall collectability.

Acquire This 1925 Duesenberg Straight Eight Model A

As the first production car from American automaker Duesenberg, the Model A is considered by some to be the purest vehicle to bear the name. The Model A broke convention by using a straight-eight engine, something never before seen in an American car, proving Europeans weren’t the only ones who could make glamorous and powerful automobiles.

Among the exceptional details on this car is a tri-tone touring car body created by Millspaugh & Irish. It features large running boards and prominent fenders, making it appear larger and more domineering while maintaining a sophistication about the overall design. Wire-spoke wheels, a stately radiator cap ornament, and chrome bumpers make clear this is not your average vehicle. Mounted in the rear is a spare tire with the correct cover, and important detail for accuracy.

You’ll find the interior is as correct and complete as the exterior, including all gauges and switchgear in top-notch condition. The wood steering wheel has been finished richly, contrasting smartly with the sheen of the chrome center hub. Cream leather upholstery free from stains and other damage adorns both rows of seating and the door panels, adding a luxurious softness to the space.

With under 1,000 miles on the fully rebuilt engine and transmission, this Duesenberg cruises smoothly. Lifting the engine cowling, you’ll be pleased to find many of the parts have been chromed, so it presents exceptionally well. In fact, this automobile has captured numerous accolades.

If you’d like to know more about this Duesenberg or ask for purchasing details, contact CCCA.

To see the excellent selection of classic vehicles available through CCCA, click here.

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