Rare B.L. Striker Pegasus Custom Trans Am Heads To Auction

Mar 28, 2019 2 min read
Rare B.L. Striker Pegasus Custom Trans Am Heads To Auction

The late Burt Reynolds is an on-screen hero responsible for iconic depictions in movies and TV series such as Smokey and the Bandit, The Cannonball Run, and Deliverance to name but a few. However, he also starred in some less than successful shows such as 1989’s B.L. Striker. A highly unusual car from the series is coming up for auction with Barrett-Jackson at its Palm Beach event.

The car in question is a Pegasus Custom Trans Am, a curious vehicle based on the iconic Pontiac model Reynolds already had an on-screen connection to. It is said that just 25 of these rebodied  Trans Ams were ever built, and just two in the yellow being offered at this auction. This very example was used for two episodes of B.L. Striker making it a genuine TV car.

Pegasus Custom Trans Am

While this custom machine uses much of its Pontiac donor car, Pegasus is actually credited as being the manufacturer according to the title.

Texan Charlie Van Natter was the brains behind this unusual car, and founded Pegasus Motor Cars. The Pegasus 2000, as it was known, features an aggressive fibreglass bodykit that looks like it belongs in an episode of Thunderbirds. Its wedge profile is certainly eye-catching, something that no doubt helped it land a role in B.L. Striker. The interior also hosts equally attention grabbing black and yellow sports seats.

Pegasus Custom Trans Am

There aren’t many details available on this no reserve auction lot, but we do know that it is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine and makes use of an automatic transmission. It would appear that this car previously came up for auction back in 2014 with Barrett-Jackson at the very same event. It sold for $33,000 at the time.

We have no idea how much this automotive curiosity will sell for this time, but we’re eager to find out at the April 11-13th auction.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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