Turn Heads In This Rare 1974 Volkswagen SP2

Aug 1, 2019 2 min read
Turn Heads In This Rare 1974 Volkswagen SP2

Forget Beetles and Buses, the SP2 the coolest VW ever made.

It's ok if you've never heard of the Volkswagen SP2. This uniquely styled coupe was a low-volume car produced in Brazil from 1971 until 1976, and only a handful were ever exported outside of Brazil – none to North America. If you're looking for a car to garner attention and win awards at car shows, then this 1974 Volkswagen SP2 is the car for you. Classic Motorcars is currently selling this SP2, and as rare as these cars are to see in the U.S., they are even more rare to see up for sale.

Turn Heads In This Rare 1974 Volkswagen SP2

This particular SP2 was previously housed in the Tupelo Auto Museum collection before its doors were permanently closed, and since being liberated from the museum, this car has already won awards at the first two car shows that it was taken to. It isn't hard to see why it is a show stopper either. Aside from obvious rarity of seeing an SP2, the long hood and fastback rear end give this car classic sports car proportions.

Unfortunately, the looks were about the only performance elements of the SP2, which is what led to the car's eventual demise. Despite a hood long enough to hide a V-8, the SP2 was powered by an air-cooled 1700cc flat-four engine (hidden under the rear cargo floor) rated at 75 horsepower. At least it comes with a four-speed manual transmission, though.

Turn Heads In This Rare 1974 Volkswagen SP2

Only around 10,000 of these cars were ever built and, of those, very few made it out of Brazil. Combining its ultra-rare status with its impressive condition, this car's list price of $55,500 seems like a very fair price... especially if it comes with that Sao Paulo license plate and Brazilian tourist suitcase. Of course, if you're serious about adding this rare VW to your collection, you can always make an offer.


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