Rare 1970 Dodge Dart GT Is A Mean Mopar

Sep 20, 2019 2 min read
Rare 1970 Dodge Dart GT Is A Mean Mopar

This drab green Dart is rocking a 340 CID V8.

This 1970 Dodge Dart GT isn't a Hemi 'Cuda or Charger Daytona, but it's still a rare Mopar. According to the listing by Adrenalin Motors, this car was one of less than 5,000 Dart Customs build for the 1970 model year, and it's even more rare when you factor in the sporty GT option package.

Rare 1970 Dodge Dart GT Is A Mean Mopar

What you see here is a fully restored Dart GT, which even comes with the original build sheet. Looking at this document, we can see that the Dart has been repainted in its original Dark Green color (paint code F8) helping to make this car about as understated as a classic Mopar can get. This car isn't a total sleeper, though, thanks to its massive hood scoops, rally wheels and a black rear stripe to match the vinyl top.

Backing up its '70s Mopar style, this Dart GT is packing a 340 CID V8 engine that has been upgraded with a Holley carb and true dual exhaust with headers. Even under the hood, this car has a stylish look to it with a perfectly clean engine compartment and an engine that has been dressed up with finned valve covers and air cleaner housing from Mopar Performance.

Just like the rest of this 1970 Dodge Dart GT, the interior  looks amazing with its two-tone vinyl seats and center console. The wood grain adds a perfect '70s look to this interior, which is almost completely stock with the exception of the aftermarket stereo and tachometer. Both of these were installed in a way, though, that they don't ruin the car's original look with the tachometer mounted on top of the steering column and the JVC head unit attached under the dash; the car's factory radio is still in place!

Rare 1970 Dodge Dart GT Is A Mean Mopar

Adrenalin Motors has this 1970 Dodge Dart GT listed for $39,888 Canadian (about $30,000 USD), but you can always make an offer on this car by clicking HERE.

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