Rare Petty’s Garage King Edition 2016 Mustang Sells At Auction

Jul 29, 2019 2 min read
Rare Petty’s Garage King Edition 2016 Mustang Sells At Auction

Someone just took home this special edition 'Stang for a steal!

This 2016 Petty’s Garage King Edition Ford Mustang is one of those cars that the average shopper didn’t get a crack at owning when it was new - the odds of owning one in 2016 were actually 1 out of 43, to be exact. So with this particular car that hit auction through GAA Classic Cars, was a rare chance to get a crack at owning one. When the Summer 2019 GAA auction hosted the sale of this car on Friday in Greensboro, NC, a very lucky Mustang fan got a dream car to add to their collection at a bargain of only $48,000!

When bidding kicked off, this striking black with blue striped Mustang made us want to grab our checkbooks. It headed to Greensboro in ‘like new’ condition, and the only thing this Pony Car needed is a new owner who is ready to hit the open roads, and it got just that.

Powering this attractive Stang is a boosted 5.0-liter V8 engine with a Ford Performance supercharger and other modifications that bring the car up to a pavement twisting 727-horsepower. Backing the powerful engine is a six-speed manual transmission, controlled by a Barton short throw shifter, and feeding power towards the Ford Racing axles to compensate for the extra muscle from the drivetrain.

Super Rare Petty’s Garage King Edition 2016 Ford Mustang To Cross Auction Block

The engine takes a deep breath in through the Ford Racing cold air intake (CAI), and exhales through long tube headers and a Magnaflow Quad exhaust system. Additionally, Petty’s Garage has equipped this Mustang with options to make it more capable of handling track and street conditions with upgraded suspension and braking. Whether its heading to a private show car collection, or going to be taken out on the open road, the new owner is super to enjoy this work-of-art.


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