Perfect 1964 Plymouth Fury Combines Beauty And Brawn

Aug 20, 2019 2 min read
Perfect 1964 Plymouth Fury Combines Beauty And Brawn

A professional restoration left absolutely nothing untouched.

Some cars you literally have to see to believe. While at first glance this 1964 Plymouth Fury looks pretty fantastic, upon closer inspection you’ll be wowed by its condition. Every nook and cranny has been detailed to absolute perfection, making this a car you can take to even the finest shows and not feel the least bit embarrassed.

Perfect 1964 Plymouth Fury Combines Beauty And Brawn

Absolutely breathtaking white paint, red stripes, and chrome trim which all look so shiny it’s almost like seeing a heavenly body. You’ll note each body panel is straight with no blemishes, plus there’s the cool Super Stock hood scoop. That same perfection comes with the American Racing Torque Thrust wheels and Hoosier pro street tires. This car is definitely show quality.

The drop-dead gorgeous presentation continues to the interior, where a two-tone red color scheme recreates the magic of this car. All the seats are firm, each control shows zero signs of wear, and everything works. It’s amazing how each detail of the interior has been nailed to perfection, probably making the space look better than when it rolled out of the factory.

Not only does this Plymouth look amazing, it runs far stronger than it did out of the factory. The 426ci V8 was professionally built by John Sinabldi of Step Up Performance using Indy heads and it now pushes between 572 and 590-horsepower. You’ll note there are dual Holley carbs, while the headers are custom-fabricated. This engine sounds like a real beast and is a true performer, plus it presents well with an orange block and pristine white on the engine bay walls and underside of the hood. A 727 TorqueFlite built by Bruno Racing Transmissions is also included.

Check out the trunk, which is just as clean as the rest of this car. The battery was relocated there, while the original spare and a nice liner are all buttoned up nicely. Also spotless is the undercarriage, with satin gray primer applied to many of the surfaces and zero sign of rust.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another car as meticulously detailed as this one. If you’re interested in purchasing this Plymouth, contact Volo Auto Museum.

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