Outrun Wile E Coyote in this 390hp Plymouth Road Runner

Mar 1, 2019 2 min read
Outrun Wile E Coyote in this 390hp Plymouth Road Runner

This distinctive B5 Blue Plymouth Road Runner harbors a 440 Ci V8 engine the hood. It heads to auction today

The first generation Plymouth Road Runner was originally designed as a ‘back to basics’ muscle car that put the focus on what’s under the hood instead of luxuries in the cabin — something that made the model popular with purists. This 1969 Road Runner is heading to the GAA auction today packing a 390hp V8 engine.

Let’s jump right to the star of the show that lurks beneath that matte black hood, a 440 Ci ‘Six Pack’ V8. This mighty orange motor that defines this car features three 2-barrel Holley carburetors and a Holley electric fuel pump. Power is then channeled to the Dana 60 rear axle via a pistol gripped four-speed manual transmission. The car also possesses a Flowmaster dual exhaust, chrome Mopar valve covers, and MSD ignition wires.

Externally the Road Runner looks great wearing its distinctive B5 Blue paintwork and contrasting scooped hood. The design is pure old-school, in that it’s relatively understated like something the legendary moonshine runners would use. A set of Magnum 500 wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires completes the look.

The whole car appears in excellent condition, including its interior that features a couple of creature comforts. Power steering means that you won’t be wrestling this car at low speeds, and a modern BlueTooth stereo allows you to connect your phone to this Road Runner.

During this car’s development, Plymouth reportedly paid $50,000 to Warner Bros to use the Road Runner name and likeness for its new car. Additionally, each example would feature a ‘beep beep’ horn that mimicked the Looney Tunes character, something that was created at a cost of $10,000.

Lot #FR005 is certainly one to look out for if you’re attending the Greensboro Auto Auctiontoday. This 75,000 miles car is a prime example of the iconic Road Runner that’ll serve its next owner well.

Source: Greensboro Auto Auction

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