One Hundred Years Of Mercedes-Benz Customer Magazines

Feb 11, 2019 2 min read
One Hundred Years Of Mercedes-Benz Customer Magazines

While the exact publication date is unknown, the premier issue of the Mercedes-Benz customer magazine, the “ Daimler-Zeitung” (Daimler Newspaper) was published in January of 1919.

The concept of the publication was not a new one, as the idea of “a regular magazine” with topics relating to the products manufactured by DMG had been in the works for several years, but the First World War put a damper on the project. The difficulties faced by the publication didn’t end with WWI either, as the Berlin riots and lack of coal following the war delayed the release of the first issue as well, but despite economically difficult and politically turbulent times, the publication continued as titled, for a total of seven issues in 1919.

The first issue featured information on a mixture of product-related reports, utility articles and information about the enterprise, such as a report entitled “Daimler trucks during the World War from 1914–1918 in Turkey and Persia.”

One Hundred Years Of Mercedes-Benz Customer Magazines

Later issues told about the new fire engine for the DMG factory fire brigade at the Marienfelde plant and other news that was happening within the company, but for reasons undisclosed, the regular publication of the magazine was discontinued and future issues were only published to cover specific topics, like the 1924 Mercedes racing victories.

Even without a seamless publication history, Mercedes-Benz continues the tradition of       communicating with its customers through magazines to date. In the 1950s, the brand began a new publication aimed towards the Mercedes-Benz sales organization worldwide, “Mercedes-Benz all around the world.” Originally to cover “Export News Service of Daimler-Benz AG,” by 1954 the magazine concentrated on presenting photos that combined Mercedes-Benz products with landscapes and buildings from countries all over the world to display in dealerships, but was ever evolving into a real customer magazine.

1956 marked the publications first color cover picture and featured color photos and journalistic articles. By Issue No. 40 the title had earned its place in Mercedes-Benz history and eventually the  Mercedes-Benz Museum, only to be replaced in 1992 by “Mercedes Magazine.”

Setting a high standard from the beginning with its journalistic content and high-quality layout, by 2009 the magazine reached readers in 113 countries worldwide, was published in 38 languages, and had a circulation of 3.1 million copies. With the new millennium demanding an online presence, the brand focused its attention on various social media channels and the digital magazine “” Daimler’s first customer magazine, although founded in times of hardship, was focused on the bright future of the company, and one hundred years later, Mercedes-Benz continues the tradition that has been proven so successful.

Via: Daimler

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