Numbers-Matching 1972 Pontiac GTO Hits Hard

Aug 27, 2019 2 min read
Numbers-Matching 1972 Pontiac GTO Hits Hard

This American muscle car is hot.

While many firmly believe American muscle died out come the 1971 model year, those people clearly don’t know about one of the best-kept secrets. Just take this 1972 Pontiac GTO for a spin and you’ll quickly realize it delivers performance in a big way. What’s more, the seller says it has under 46,000 original miles. Considering the excellent condition throughout, plus PHS documentation is being included, that figure is believable.

Numbers-Matching 1972 Pontiac GTO Hits Hard

Most people would be shocked to have a peek under the hood if this Pontiac GTO. There’s a big 400ci L78 V8 lurking there. That’s good for 250-horsepower and a thunderous 325 lb.-ft. of torque, although some believe those figures are grossly understated. Once you put your foot on the accelerator and shift the rare four-speed manual, you might agree with that assessment. Power steering and power front disc brakes help you keep control of this vehicle.

While great performance is important on any car, great looks will help turn heads as you’re just cruising along. The Cardinal Red and White exterior has a unique appearance that makes this muscle car stand out from others. What’s more, those are the factory colors, not some creative license the owner took later. Punctuating the performance aspirations of the car, a hood scoop sits forward where you can’t miss it.

The black interior shows no pretenses. Immaculate vinyl on the seats and door panels combined with cold factory air conditioning allows you to cruise in style without suffering. There’s even an 8-track player and some aftermarket gauges added to the bottom of the dash.

Pretty much everyone knows the Pontiac GTO is often credited as the first muscle car. While most pay attention the cars made up to the 1970 model year, the 1972 cars are especially rare with a mere 5,807 made. Finding one of these survivors is something to be celebrated and cherished. The GTO was a standalone model until 1970, then it became an optional package for the Le Mans.

To grab this potent American muscle machine, contact Hollywood Motors.

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