No Reserve BSA Gold Star Could Be A Bargain

May 17, 2019 2 min read
BSA ZB3 Gold Star

Classic BSA motorcycles are often cherished by their owners. This pristine example is heading to auction.

BSA is fascinating and truly historic motorcycle company, one that durning the 1950s was producing some of the fastest bikes in the world. The BSA Gold Star series proved popular amongst hardcore enthusiasts of the its day, and endure as classics today. This 1951 BSA ZB3 Gold Star is heading to auction without reserve by Leake, making it a potential bargain for fans of two-wheeled motoring.

Powered by a single-cylinder motor, this 350cc example of the iconic model. While its 24hp output might not sound all that impressive, the aluminum construction of this bike preserves an impressive power-to-weight ratio for the era. Shifting gears is taken care of via a manual transmission.

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It’s a handsome machine with the predominately silver bodywork contrasted by black accents. With black forks, saddle, and headlamp, your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautifully pinstriped body that wears the famous gold star insignia. This classic design, featuring just the right amount of chrome, combines connotations of a sports bike with that of something rather sophisticated.

BSA, or Birmingham Small Arms Company, was originally in the business of manufacturing military and sporting equipment — incase the name didn’t give it away. It created its first motorcycle in 1910 with production selling out for the following three years.

BSA ZB3 Gold Star

Over time BSA became a force to be reckoned with in performance bikes, but the Gold Star legend began in 1937 when motorcycle ace Wal Handley lapped the British Brooklands race track at over 100mph. He was subsequently awarded a Gold Star pin for the achievement, thus paving the way for BSA to name its performance bikes after the honor.

This 1951 BSA ZB3 Gold Star appears in excellent condition, and even features a nod to the marque’s James Bond association in various movies. If you think this bike is for you, it goes under the hammer without reserve 6 - 8 June 2019 at Leake’s Tulsa sale.

Source: Leake

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