Video: Muscle Car Of The Week Talks Spoilers And Aerodynamics

Jul 16, 2019 2 min read
Video: Muscle Car Of The Week Talks Spoilers And Aerodynamics

It also goes over some different types of spoiler designs.

This episode of Muscle Car Of The Week includes a key discussion about the importance of aerodynamics in cars. In the automotive realm, aerodynamics refers to the goal of reducing drag and wind noise, improving fuel efficiency, and preventing undesired lift forces or other causes of instability at high speeds.

At low speeds and on days when the weather is not very windy, it’s hard to notice how our vehicles interact with the air. However, at high speeds and on noticeably windy days, air resistance has a huge impact on the way a car accelerates and handles. The clip below shows a wide range of beautiful muscle cars with aerodynamic features, such as spoilers, and discusses their design and function.


Having a car designed with airflow in mind means that it will have less difficulty accelerating and achieving higher fuel economy figures. That’s because the engine won’t have to work nearly as hard to push the car through a “wall” of air. Automotive engineers have developed several ways of making vehicles aerodynamic, which includes spoilers, rear wings, lower front air dams, side skirts, hood vents, and more. Apart from merely looking great and making the vehicle “appear” fast, they are highly functional and add several benefits. For example, spoilers create downforce or drag, while lower air dams to wonders to keep high-pressured air from stacking up and lifting the front nose.

Video: Muscle Car Of The Week Talks Spoilers And Aerodynamics

The video discusses the fact that racers are well aware of the dangerous effects of negative air pressure on high-speed cars and combat the issue by adding these aerodynamic parts. It also defines the difference between a “spoiler” and “wing” – two terms that are almost always used interchangeably. All of these key parts provide the driver with more control and, therefore, provide a better experience overall. Apart from merely being an important and educational episode, this clip shows some off gorgeous cars like a Chevrolet Camaro, Mustang Mach 1, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Daytona, and Plymouth Superbird.

Source: Muscle Car of the Week

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