Motorcycles You Can Bid On At Carlisle

Oct 1, 2019 3 min read
Motorcycles You Can Bid On At Carlisle

An interesting selection of bikes means a little bit of something for just about everyone.

While plenty of the focus at Fall Carlisle is on the cars being auctioned, not all the fun is contained to four wheels. A fair amount of motorcycles will be crossing the auction block. There’s an interesting variety in the selection, which ranges from multiple bikes from the 1970 model year all the way to 2017. You can also bid on minibikes to big cruisers, as well as street and off-road models.

Motorcycles You Can Bid On At Carlisle

Quite a few people are fans of cruisers, and considering they’re comfortable and great to use for a weekend getaway it’s easy to understand why. You’ll find cruisers at Carlisle, including a 1989 Kawasaki Vulcan with a nice 1500cc V-twin. Another option is a far more modern 2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic which still channels retro cool with its design.

If you’re into retro minibikes, there are quite a few options at Carlisle. These smaller rides are excellent for younger riders to learn the ropes, considering they’re easier to handle and don’t tend to get out of hand. For more experienced riders, minibikes can still be a lot of fun, as long as you remember they’re not going to pull hard. Plus, if you’re looking to add to your collection on a tight budget, minibikes can be lighter on your bank account.

One of the minibike options is a 1971 Honda Z50 with a 50cc engine and automatic transmission. There aren’t many, if any, easier-to-operate motorcycles out there. There’s also a 1970 Honda Z50 crossing the auction block, so you have two chances to get one, if that’s your desire.

If you want a little more zip in your minibike, the 1970 Speedway Scorpion being auctioned could be a good fit. Packing a 172cc Tecumseh engine that makes a whopping 4-horsepower, it easily outguns the above-mentioned Hondas. At the same time this ride sips fuel, nearing 100 mpg depending on how aggressively you ride.

For a more hardcore off-road minibike, consider the 1973 Honda Mini-Trail 50 or the 1972 Honda Mini Trail 50, which are both cousins of the Z50. Also made for rough terrain, the 1974 Honda MR 50 is a mini dirt bike which has fun written all over it. Hondas from the 1970s absolutely dominate the minibike selection, but they also dominated the market, so that’s really no surprise.

One minibike you might really want to keep your eye on is a 1970 Honda CT70. It looks well-restored, but in reality the Honda has been cared for meticulously since new and has only gone through a light refreshing in preparation for the auction. The CT70s are highly collectible, and one in original condition like this is highly coveted.

While not a minibike, also being auctioned off at Carlisle is a 1978 Honda XR 75. As the first four-stroke off-road motorcycle made by Honda, it has some historical importance, if you’re looking to collect. Plus, this bike is a blast to ride, if your interest is more in the fun factor.

Technically not a minibike but still small and great for anyone learning or just easy riding, a 2017 Kawasaki Pro Z125 is also crossing the auction block. It’s the newest motorcycle at the event and is appropriately flashy, thanks to the mesmerizing green paint.

With a heavy emphasis on the smaller bikes, the selection of motorcycles at Fall Carlisle is enough to make things interesting.

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