Mazda Expands Miata Restoration Program To the US

Oct 30, 2019 2 min read
Mazda Expands Miata Restoration Program To the US

This is a dream come true for NA fans.

Finally, Mazda has announced it will be offering certain reproduction parts for the first generation of the Mazda Miata. First there was a false alarm that Mazda was offering a restoration program for the NA Miata in the United States, but it was actually only for the Japanese domestic market. This news understandably has fans excited, because tracking down certain parts has become a bit of a chore.

If you own an MX-5 Miata NA, Mazda says it’s offering over 1,100 new and legacy parts to help you keep it running right and looking good. This move actually came about from input the automaker got from Miata clubs as well as specialty shops, so hats off to the enthusiast community.

Some of the available parts have been made using modern manufacturing procedures and updated materials, without changing the look or feel of the car. That means they potentially might last longer or shed curb weight, which is pretty amazing. One example is the reproduction wheels made by Enkei which are lighter and have a more protected finish so the look better over the long term.

Mazda Expands Miata Restoration Program To the US

The program was first announced at the Chicago Auto Show. For now, this parts program only covers the first-generation Miatas, but others could be added in the future. Considering how diehard Miata fans are, that wouldn’t be a surprise.

In Japan a full restoration service for NA Miatas is available, and that might be the next step for the US market.

What’s the only Japanese car supported in the United States by a manufacturer’s restoration parts program? In this case, the answer truly is Miata, at least for now. Maybe this will result in a new trend where the likes of Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi will realize they could do this for their most iconic vehicles. Restored classics improve a brand’s image, which can actually help sell more new cars. Just a thought, in case anyone with influence from those automakers is reading this.

Images credit: Mazda USA

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