Mazda Miata NA Factory Restoration Starts At $23K

Sep 20, 2019 1 min read
Mazda Miata NA Factory Restoration Starts At $23K

For now, this service is for customers in Japan only.

Back in 2017, Mazda announced a new restoration service for its first-gen (NA) Miatas, and as these cars get older – they first-year cars do turn 30-years-old this year – this service seems to be getting more popular. As we reported earlier in the year, this program is expected to make its way to the U.S., but for now, these restorations are available for customers in Japan only.

According to The Drive, Mazda's NA Roadster Restore Service is only now starting to get popular among Mazda Miata owners, which could have something to do with this car's launch taking place 30 years ago. The report says that like any other restoration shops, customers have a number of options, but the basic restoration brings a ragged Miata back to life for 2.5 million yen, which works out to be around $23,000 USD.

For this price, the Miatas receive a new lights, soft top, original 14-inch wheels wrapped in Bridgestone tires and replaceable body components (hood, trunk, doors and fenders). Minor body work is performed on other areas of the car before getting a fresh coat of paint; the car shown above is a 1992 model painted in Neo Green finished with a black top.

Restoration extras include 800,000 yen (about $7,500 USD) for an engine rebuild and transmission replacement, 700,000 yen ($6,500 USD) for an interior restoration and 400,000 yen (about $3,700 USD) for new suspension and brake components. All in, you'd be looking at least $40,000 for a fully restored NA Miata.

As Japanese cars from the '80s and '90s continue to grow in popularity, it wouldn't be surprising to see this program to expand to other markets and classic Mazda products (especially the RX-7), and it could even spark a trend among other JDM automakers.

Source: The Drive

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