Massive Collection of Classic Cars Up For Auction In MN

Aug 9, 2019 1 min read
Massive Collection of Classic Cars Up For Auction In MN

There's plenty of classic farm equipment available, too!

The recent episode of Hagerty's The Barn Find Hunter shows how extensive collections can get with the right kind of acreage. That's exactly the case with the James Graham Collection that is going up for auction this weekend in Beardsley, Minnesota consisting of almost 200 classic cars and trucks alone not to mention almost 40 vintage tractors.

Graham, an 88-year-old military veteran and Minnesota farmer, passed away late last year, and his obituary noted that he was "always interested in collecting old cars and attending car shows." That is definitely obvious is his collection, which spans almost every era (from the '20s to the early Malaise Era) and vehicle type (coupes, convertibles, sedans and trucks). Aside from a 2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP (with just 21,000 miles!) , the newest car in this collection is a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible!

This collection really has everything you could imagine from typical cars like the Mustang, '57 Chevy and Thunderbird to rarer cars from Studebaker, Nash and DeSoto. The tractors and heavy-duty trucks are just as interesting, too, including a 1938 John Deere tractor, 1946 Dodge fire truck and a 1971 Ford F800 dump truck. Just like the cars themselves, the condition of this collection varies extensively from a super-clean 1957 Chevrolet Cameo truck to cars rotting away and sunk to the rocker panels in dirt. This collection is a barn find heaven.

VanDerBrink Auctions will be auctioning off the farm equipment today (August 9) and the collection of cars and trucks tomorrow, August 10. In addition to vehicles, Graham had also amassed a huge collection of die cast toys (no surprise there) as well as collector decorative plates, Jim Beam decanters and more.

h/t: Inforum


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