You Can Live A Knight Rider Fantasy Driving This Car

Jul 8, 2019 2 min read
You Can Live A Knight Rider Fantasy Driving This Car

Feel like Michael Knight rolling hard in this replica Knight 2000.

Some people like to dress up like their favorite fantasy or science fiction characters. While you certainly could dress up as Michael Knight with lots of black leather, the reality is you’re nothing without his trust car from the Knight Rider series. This Knight 2000 replica is perhaps one of the best out there, if not the best. From bumper to bumper, it’s a faithful recreation of the car that fascinated kids in the 80s. Now the owner is putting it up for sale, so you can go pretend to fight crime with an intelligent car.

Considerable effort was put into make this 1989 F-body look the part of the Knight 2000. Of course, it has the famous red light in the nose, which chases from side to side. The black paint job is in good condition, so you can polish this ride up and really make it shine. Black wheel covers add to the faithful reproduction of the sinister crime-fighting look, along with smoked rear taillight lenses.

That obsessive level detailed recreation is even more prominent throughout the interior of this car. The tan upholstery and carpet is in excellent condition, but that’s not what everyone will be staring at. Instead, onlookers will be mesmerized by the numerous digital displays, illuminated controls, and two small television screens embedded in the dash. They copy what the TV car had, down to the smallest details. This build must have taken a monumental amount of planning and considerable effort to execute, but the payoff is pretty amazing.

Under all that polished beauty of the car’s exterior is a nice GM small block V8 engine. It runs strong and provides plenty of power. An automatic transmission makes driving this replica an easy task, so you can focus more on living your fantasy.

Rolling up anywhere in this Knight 2000 replica will cause a stir, especially a show or meet with lots of enthusiasts. Thanks to the meticulous attention paid to even the smallest of details, this car will impress big fans of the show. The opportunity to own this faithful recreation of the original TV car is being provided by Ideal Classic Cars LLC.

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